Meet Federico

I am Federico Gay, a steel-pan maker and tuner from Trinidad and Tobago. As the son of Lloyd Gay, one of the best steel-pan tuners in Trinidad and Tobago, I started learning the art-form at a very early age. I have been making, tuning and blending steel-pans for over 25 years. Having a teacher and mentor like Mr. Lloyd Gay, not only did I learn to make and tune the steel-pans, he taught me how to solve many tuning issues.

I make and tune steel-pans for churches, schools and steel-bands in Trinidad and Tobago, also globally. Grenada, Barbados, Antigua, Brazil, USA and Canada. I have also started this business called Federico’s Steel-pan Making and Tuning, our motto: “Quality is Our First Priority”. Our top quality pans with their quality sound, will allow musicians to perform with musical precision. I stand proudly behind every instrument I create.